ROTOBIKE is a patented bicycle, ready for play or sport, maneuverable simply by
shifting your center of gravity.

ROTOBIKE doesn't have handlebars. The front wheel is sensible, having a smaller
diameter than the back wheel, and is connected to the frame so that it can swivel on a
more or less vertical axis. This makes it possible to direct the bicycle, even though it
doesn't have handlebars, by simply shifting the center of gravity of your body as you
The rider propels the ROTOBIKE forward by pedaling.
Braking is applied by reducing the speed of rotation of
the pedals.

ROTOBIKE is ideal for competitive games in parks,
public squares, or anyplace without traffic.

ROTOBIKE has a steel frame. Other components are
made of the best quality materials. It is easy to
transport because it doesn't take up a lot of space.
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or demand