The name Rotobike comes from the special wheel utilized and the steering system. The
Rivolta brothers consider the Rotobike to be a comfortable alternative to skateboards
and skates. Its main use is for competitive games in paeks, public squares, and other
places without automobile traffic.
Above all, it should be said that the Rotobike
is extremely easy and intuitive to ride. From
your first attempts you will be able to manage
easily. All you need do is get up a little speed
and you'll easily remain balanced.

Another reason the Rotobike is instantly
attractive is because it is easily handle. Just
an hour of practice and you can begin to show
off by performing sudden changes of direction,
U-turns, and slaloms.

At the beginning, you'll use your hands to
maintain yor balance,but once you gain some
skill with the
Rotobike, your hands will be free
to stick in your pocket or do something else.

The Rotobike reaches almost the same speeds
at a normal (non-racing) bike. Braking is
somewhat gradual and therefore requires longer
time and distance than brakes noemally used on
bicycles. When compared to traditional
bicycles, the Rotobike boasts of being smaller
and lighter and therefore easier to transport in
an automobile, a boat, or any other type of

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